Your assistant for contacting congress.
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Calling your representatives is the best way to make change.
Jefferson uses your location to identify the three congressional representatives for your area, and gives easy, one-touch access to their contact information.

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Not sure what to say? Jefferson does.
Jefferson provides you with a script designed to give the operator the information they need in as few words as possible. This saves your time, their time, and keeps the lines open for more callers.
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In order to count your opinion, operators at congressional offices only really need your name, zipcode, the issue you care about, and your stance on the issue. Jefferson provides you with a succinct, polite script for passing on this information before you call.
What Powers Jefferson?
Jefferson is made possible by various APIs and frameworks. Congress data is provided by the Sunlight Congress Database and Location data is geocoded using the Google Maps API. Messenger bot is powered by Facebook’s Messenger API, Heroku and a whole lot of love.

Who's Behind Jefferson?
Jefferson was created, designed, and developed by Sam Weiller. Sam is a product designer whose goal is to make the world better through technology. Other social good projects of his include PhilanthroFeed and HotSwap. More information about Sam can be found on his website,

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